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  Angle Line
All standard units have an absolute hole location tolerance at +/-.030" (0.76mm) and machine positioning accuracy at +/-.005" (0.13mm) on both X and Y axes. Fabricator positioning is controlled by the FMI multi-axis CNC control system. Standard infeed material positioning devices include conveyor track carriage or pinch roll drive systems. Programmable triple gag tooling allows the press to hold three different punch sizes. All Franklin fabricators have various material handling devices including automatic loading systems and outfeed kickoff conveyors. Optional plasma cutting offers complete intergrated cutting systems with dual position capability on both legs of the angle.






The optional Triple Gag Tooling System provides three (3) preloaded tools of different sizes or shapes. All units are manufactured from a Ductile Iron material for high tonnage capacity. The tooling assembly is side supported by heat treated gib plates. Lower die blocks with "Quick Change" slide out features allowing fast tool changes and also acts as a replacement unit. Pneumatic gags with switch detection provide the CNC controls positive tool selection. Each gag assembly has a lubricated air blast that lubricates the punch road and maintains positive air pressure on top of the floating punch stem.