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 CNC Plate Line
The Franklin Plate Line provides high capacity punching and shearing. It is designed for producing heavy base plates and splice plates. The 330-ton punch ram, 38 tons of hydraulic stripping, and quick change tooling provide a multiple of gauge configurations. The Model 5330 shear station with hydraulic hold-downs provides cutting capacity for 1"x 18" or 1¼"x 14" bar. The infeed conveyor has a heavy roller bed, servo-driven rack, and a pinion measuring carriage. The infeed system is available in 20, 40, and 60 foot lengths.


As each bar is loaded onto the infeed system (normally by a CNC Gantry System), the trailing edge is automatically gripped by the hydraulic gripper. The bar rapids forward to zero reference the leading edge. With the reference complete , the actual stock length is displayed and the preprogrammed parts are produced. Various plates can be nested into a single bar (referred to as a stock program) to achieve maximum material utilization with reduced scrap. Multiple centering device units provide self-centering regardless of stock width or variations. As the bar is fed through the machine, all punched holes are located in the "X" axis length location. The 330-ton punch station supports two styles of tooling. The quick change tooling blocks provide two punches on a fixed gauge centerline from 3" to 12" centers. Quad style blocks provide four punches on fixed gauge centers to produce four holes in one punch stroke. As each plate is cut to length, the exit conveyor discharges plates into customer provided tubs or skids. Optional pick and place stack systems for large plates are also available.