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Horizontal Welding Systems are used to automate the process of welding flange bars to a web plate to make prefabricated I-Beams. These systems consist of a variety of equipment including flange and web plate loading gantries, infeed and outfeed conveyors, web splice station, tack station with power unit, and automatic pull through welding fixture with power unit.


Two infeed web loading gantries are used to load 20-foot (6m) long precut web plates onto the infeed conveyor. One side of the web plate must be straight and placed on the datum side of the system. The other side of the web plate may contain a incline in either or both directions of no more than 15 degrees from the datum. These gantries are manually operated. Both gantries are used in conjunction with a weld splice station to produce 40-foot (12m) long web beam sections. After loading the web plates on the conveyors, the two pieces of plate are spliced together and conveyed down line to the flange gantry loading conveyor.