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 Hydraulic Power Unit
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Model# 546-40Hp Front and Back

High Pressure Power Units


Franklin Railroad (Sideframe) Presses are designed to operate at pressures up to 9000-PSI. We have two basic models of power units designed to work with these presses.



System Pressure

Electric Motor

Pump Volume

Pump Type

Hydraulic Fluid

Tank Capacity

Hyd Filter

Hyd Valve

Model# 900-5Hp


5 Horsepower @ 1740-RPM

<100-PSI @ 3.86-GPM
>100-PSI @ 0.26-GPM

Split Flow Gear Pump

Mobil® DTE-24™

10 Gallon

¾"Ø Suction Strainer

D03H Directional

Model# 900-20Hp


20 Horsepower @ 1750-RPM

3½ GPM

Radial Piston Pump

Mobil® DTE-24™

12 Gallon

10 Micron

D05 Directional Poppet






Todays hydraulic systems will give many years of trouble free operation when properly maintained. Studies have shown that over 60% of all hydraulic systems down time can be attributed to untidy maintenance and lack of proper filtration. If the hydraulic fluid becomes contaminated, orifice blockage, valve sticking, internal wear of hydraulic components, pressure loss, and even pump failure can occur. The following guidelines are given as minimal requirements under normal shop conditions.



Change the hydraulic oil, clean the tank, and replace the return line filter cartridge after the first two (2) months of operation. See tag on power unit for proper type of hydraulic oil used in your particular unit. Replacing system fluid is dependent on several factors according to the degree of aging or contamination of the oil. Franklin recommends in the absence of other checks that the oil be changed every 2000 hours (1 shift for 1 year) of operation for normal shop conditions. Be sure to clean and remove any particles in the bottom of the reservoir. Use lint free rags. Use a filter when re-filling with a mesh width of 0.002" (0.06MM) or better - fill via 10 micron system filter.



Keep a running check on the oil conditions, take a sample of the oil and pass it through filter paper or clean cloth. The coloring of the residue will indicate the degree of aging. If the color is blue to black, an oil change is required immediately. Old and contaminated oil cannot be improved by topping up with fresh oil. The used oil should be completely drained while at working temperature and properly disposed.



The hydraulic filter element must be replaced when dirty. Standard FMI power units contain a Differential Pressure Indicator. This is simply a gauge on the filter that indicates pressure buildup on the front side of the element. Check the Differential Pressure Indicator at least once a week. The element must be replaced when the Differential Pressure Indicator indicates service is required.