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CNC Plasma Punch Press


Franklin Model# PF196x72 plate fabricator is designed to punch and cut raw plate to length. The system consist of a heavy stress relieved weldment with a 196 ton capacity. Standard thermal plasma cutting with 200-Amp capacities and a complete smoke/dust recovery system provide a complete cutting package. The water cooled torch is held in a servo actuator with an initial height sensor to automatically adapt to different plate thickness' through the CNC control. All parts, files, and system configurations are managed through the PC based CNC system. Various CAD/CAM generated files are easily compatible with the CNC control.






  • Tonnage 196 (177)
  • Triple Gag Tooling - Standard
  • Maximum Plate Thickness - 1½" (38mm) using A36 with special tooling
  • Maximum Hole Diameter - 2" (50mm)
  • Plasma - Standard
  • 40 Horsepower Power Unit - Standard
  • Stenciler / Engraver - Standard

The Franklin CNC PF196x72 Plasma / Punch Fabricator was introduced at FabTech'99 as the 1st 72" Heavy Plate Fabricator. Pictures here from Fabtech'01. Awarded "Hot Product" merit award from Modern Steel Construction magazine at AISC 2002.



Model# PLAS-200 - HT2000 Plasma System with 200-amp cutting capacity (optional 400-amp). The MC-2000 high speed Stencil / Engraver does not require the material to move while marking.


Unsurpassed speed and power in a nesting system that is easy to learn and use. During development, careful attention was paid to every step of the nesting process to ensure that it is as simple and intuitive as possible. In addition, you will find that the interactive nesting features as well as the optional automatic nesting algorithms are the very best available, yielding unmatched speed and nesting efficiency.



The user interface was designed to make the nesting process simple and intuitive. With floating or “dockable” toolbars and menus, you can configure the desktop to suit your individual preferences. “Fly by Help”, context sensitive mouse cursors, and “drag and drop” nesting add up to a product that you can learn in minutes, not days! Reports provide clear and concise information for both management and production needs. This software supports Metric and English measurement units, and complies with regional locale settings for currency and decimal formats. Options include Pattern Arraying, Block Nesting, Optimized Rectangular Nesting, True Shape Nesting, and Pattern Nesting.