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CNC Plate Drill


Franklin plate drills are available in various sizes and capacities. Two independently controlled drill spindles on each gantry provide easy loading and unloading of the work piece. Standard accuracy held to ±.005" (0.127mm) are accomplished through the Franklin CNC controls. Each gantry (2 total) is independently controlled using it's own computer and PLC controller. These computer systems track each others position and automatically calculate the most efficient route to perform each function. Options include various motor sizes, #50 tapered spindles, spindle coolant capability, scribe marking press, dot matrix stenclier, and oxy/fuel torch with beveling capabilities.





Standard Specifications:

  • Maximum Material: 1½" x 10'-5" x 40'-0"
  • Minimum Material: ¼" x 6" x 5'-0"
  • 1½" maximum drill diameter
  • #40 tapered spindle with power draw bar
  • High quality air purged spindle bearings
  • 10 horsepower spindle motors with maximum 4000 RPM
  • Two (2) Gantries: Each gantry contains an independent computer and programmable logic control
  • 400-amp plasma torch with automatic height control