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  RM Flange Line



FMI Model# RM is a conventional flange line consisting of a 40' infeed system and a high-speed pinch roll measuring system. As each flange bar is processed, it is run in continuous mode with weld splicing. The pinch roll drive system with multiple pneumatic pinch roll provides linear movement through the machine using an AC servo drive package. The infeed and outfeed conveyor drives are also AC servos powered as slave units to the main pinch roll system. The linear measurement for length and hole location is developed through a precision measuring wheel system. The heat treated measuring wheels combined with a high resolution transducer feedback system provides extremely accurate tolerances to ±.030" up to 60 foot lengths. The trailing edge of each bar is detected at the automatic weld station and is positioned for splicing to the next bar. The leading edge of the first bar is detected by sensors and all punched holes and length dimensions are located from this zero point.





The punch station provides 196 tons of force and normally punches two holes on fixed gauge centers from 2½" to 6". Different gauge centers are acomplished with interchangeable gauge blocks. Hole diameters to 1¼" can be punched. The automatic shear to length station consists of a 280-ton hydraulic shear with hydraulic hold downs. The maximum capacity bar/flange is ¾"x 18" or 1"x 14". The automatic outfeed conveyor for finished flanges is normally 60' in length. It incorporates heavy duty kickoff arms and an optional flange stacking system.



Franklin 4050 gantry loading systems provide a full auto-loading system for flange and plate production. All material bins are stored in the CNC control and fully adjustable.